Keesie, a Very Fluffy 3yr old Chocolate Persian entire male with Gold / Brown eyes, front teeth that stick out and the typical squashed face of the breed.

Missing from home on the 10th March 2006, he is one that likes to visit the neighbours - he would be quite likely to walk in and sit in front of the television if his favourite programme was on at the time.

He is very friendly and loving cat, not big built in fact there didn't seem to be much weight to him at all, he squeaks rather than miouws when issuing his orders.

He loves his baths especially in the human's bath and would go and sit there waiting for someone to run the water for him, his favourite Christmas present this year was a bottle of Pussy Cat bubble bath, his idea of luxury would be to sit in the water up to his neck in bubbles.

As a kitten he was bitten in his right eye, fluid was lost and the puncture was stitched, ordinary humans may notice a slight clouding when looking at the eye straight on, any veterinary surgeon would be able to see that the eye had been stitched.

His humans are devastated at his loss and although doing everything they can to find him, they could do with the help of all residents in the area of Jail Lane and surrounding district.
would appreciate it if all would Search Sheds and Garages etc., in case he has been trapped.


     For anyone wishing to help in the search for Keesie , we have a POSTER you may send for
Please also make all those without internet access aware that Keesie is missing.