after being frightened by a break in at the house she lived in, and whilst the police arrested the man, she ran out the back door, since which time she has not been seen.

Tiny is approx 18 years old, quite slim, a mixture of black/brown/grey fur, no collar due to being allergic to wearing one, quite quiet and timid, she is easily identifiable by her paws, all of which have an extra digit (which we call her thumbs) she is very lovable but nervous of strangers....
she went missing from Coronation Road Cleveleys

It is not knowing what has happened to her that is the worst, we love her and miss her so much, she has been with us for so many years now.......since a little kitten she was found abandoned in the snow by my daughter

Tiny never goes far from the house usually and as she gets older does not often go out at night....
This is very strange it is not like her at all...she only goes to people she knows never to strangers, if approached she will run away home....
Recently she has lost weight and we were thinking of taking her to the vets but had not got round to it as she seemed reasonably ok in general...

On the whole she likes a quiet corner to curl up in but when not in use loves to lie on the bed....playful at times playing with toys....uses a litter tray when not wanting to go out (bad weather etc)

Tiny needs YOUR help -
If you live in Coronation Road or surrounding areas of Cleveleys,    Please Search your Sheds, Garages and all Outbuildings in the hopes of finding her.

Keep a lookout for her at all times. Her humans would appreciate any information regarding her whereabouts.

We have a POSTER available to anyone willing to help in the search for Tiny