Peaches is a tortoiseshell female, her base colour is brown and she has got a block of peach colour under her chin and one side of her mouth.

Peaches hasn't got any teeth she had to have them out because she had gingivitis as a kitten.

She went missing on Saturday the 8th of April in the afternoon, she is not a streetwise cat as she has never been out of the house in the seven years that we have had her, but for some reason she bolted out of the back door. Even though she often sits at the open door she has never ventured out until now.

The weather was quite nice on Saturday there was nothing unusual going on that I can think of although there are building works going on behind our house as new houses and bungalows are being built.

The only thing I can think that may of unsettled her is that she had her booster injection on the Wednesday morning

I am terribly worried about her - she will be frightened and unable to defend herself properly without teeth.

Please help us find her..

Could you help Peaches human by displaying her POSTER in a prominent position ?

Could you also help if you live in the vicinity of Windmill Place and surrounding areas by Searching all Outbuildings thoroughly in the hopes of finding her or leaving a little soft food out to maybe attract her.
Peaches human is desperate for any information that leads to her whereabouts.