Fi Fi is an entire male Black and White Cat who is about 1yr old - of slim build and very friendly

Last seen 2/3 weeks ago 15/3/06 at 19.00 The weather at the time was fine

His back is all black from his tail to his ears which are both white he has a black wig which covers one eye, white over the other,he has a White nose with a Black mark underneath which looks like a childs runny nose and his mouth is white, 4 white paws with black on each leg and a white tummy

He is wearing a tiger print collar with name and home phone number

We had Fi Fi for 6 months (he was a stray who adopted us) and am guessing he was about 6 months old when we got him.

Fi Fi is very friendly, purrs a lot, likes being stroked and sitting on your knee, likes children and ate anything and everything

So far we have
contacted local cat homes, vets and children asked neighbours and been round surrounding area looking

My Children are really missing Fi Fi
Please help us find him

Fi Fi's humans are appealing to Everyone in the vicinity of Benson Road FY3 and surrounding areas  to please Search Sheds & Garages Thoroughly in case he is trapped and to keep a general look out for him

Please send for his POSTER, display it in a prominent position - help him find his way home.