Crunchy is a 14yr young Tortie & White who is rather poorly and on medication for her kidneys and heart.

Originally a stray, she has been living with her present human since just after Christmas, her health has been improving - she is reasonably well and has settled happily into her new surroundings.

Auburn / Ginger with White, a Calico cat - a dainty walker, with longish legs.
Her eyes look as though they are protruding due to haemoraging behind them - a result of her ailments and is not deaf despite her age.

She is submissive to other cats and wont get involved in dispute.

It is definately Not thought that Crunchy would have wandered off to die - but having said that - she needs to be found quickly in order to resume her medication
Because of her age, she is unlikely to be able to scale walls and fences and could therefore have covered a fair distance.
We are appealing to Everyone in the vicinity of Sherwood Road and the surrounding areas of Ansdell, St Annes, to keep a sharp lookout for Crunchy. Please would you search All Outbuildings in case she is trapped and contact her human with any sightings however vague.
Crunchy is such a special little Lady that we feel sure you will want to help by sending for her POSTER
and displaying it in a prominent position