Daisy is a Female aged about 4 years.  She has a Black back and White underside.(looks like she is wearing a black overcoat).
Large yellow eyes that look like she is permanently surprised and a beautiful Pink nose

She was last seen at home on Saturday morning at breakfast. The Weather was fine and sunny and it is always a bit busy and noisy round here but nothing exceptional.

We have just been away for a short break but was looked after very well indeed by a neighbour who also loves cats.  We had been back home for 2 days and she was acting as normal when she went missing.

She is super nosey and in the past she has got locked in our shed by mistake but we have seen her through the window shortly after.

I HAVE MADE MY HUSBAND CHECK OUR SHEDS A DOZEN TIMES she is definitely not there! and I always leave our shed window open now so a cat could always get out.

She is friendly and has been with us since a tiny kitten, she only knows love and affection and being totally spoilt by us.   She is therefore trusting and would not expect ill treatment.

When we first got Daisy it was from a builder that was working on our house and he had been asked by his brother to drown her as she was a runt that no-one wanted.
The builder knew I loved cats and he gave her to us.
If we hadn't have taken her in, he would have drowned her that day.

Daisy had defied death once before and has become a gorgeous, plump, delightful cat in our care.
She is a real character and all our other cats and dog love her to bits. And are pining like mad..

They miss her so much and the house is in turmoil without her.

Please, please, please, help us to find our lovely Daisy and bring her home safe and sound.

Just this minute her collar has been found so she is not wearing one anymore!!!  Now she has no details on her at all.   -   I am so upset.
Daisy's human is devastated at losing her - would everyone in the Longton Road and surrounding area Please help her - Check Your Sheds and Garages to make sure she isn't trapped and keep a Look out for her - any information would be appreciated.
We have a POSTER available to anyone wishing to display one in order to help Daisy home