Teddy is 10 months old, Male, and Unneutered. He is a British Blue, grey in colour with orange eyes and dark rings around his tail. He does not have a collar.

He went missing on 11th April at 08:00.The weather was sunny at the time he went missing but we had rain later in the day.

There were builders working in several houses nearby, whether that would be enough to frighten him away,  we do not know.

We have one other cat (  8 years ) but since Teddy went missing he does not stray from the garden.

If anyone out there has any information whatsoever about Teddy, missing from the Norfolk Crescent area of Sidcup, would you please get in touch.

Could we also ask you all to make friends and neighbours aware that he is missing, and to Search Shed & Garages Thoroughly.
We would appreciate everyone keeping a vigilant watch out for Teddy  and to send for his POSTER to display in a prominent position