Max was last seen in the afternoon at 3, acting only slightly odd (ran in, jumped on bed, turned round, left - he would normally lie down and snooze). He should have returned for dinner at 6.30, 7.30 at the latest.
My wife is 2 months pregnant (early days), we wonder if he can tell.

Max is a very friendly cat, often visits the school to get stroked by the children, or visits the security office at night.
He once climbed under floorboards during carpet laying. Goes nuts for cat nip on a scratchy pole. Bit of a hunter, but not excessive, visits the neighbours for biscuits. Never misses a meal. Loves lying on the bed with the heated blanket on-we often have it on just for him.

His sister, now sits out at night watching for him until we lock her in (cat flap on "in only"). She is hardly eating,  she walks so gently she doesn't make a sound. You can hear Max stamping up to you on carpet. (One of his nicknames is "Stampy"). He walks a bit like a bruiser, but is very sweet natured. When he is here of course.
We went to get one cat. My wife chose his sister from the litter, I chose him to keep his sister company as he was so cute and the smallest, playing by himself in the kitty cage of the petshop while the rest of the litter layabout, I thought we could give him any extra care he might need.
We miss him so much. We hope he isn't scared. We need him back in our family.
Could anyone in the vicinity of Vine Lane, Hillingdon who is reading this, Please make neighbours aware that Max is missing - We need you all to search your Garages and Sheds thoroughly in case he is trapped, and for you all to keep a constant look out for him. If you would like a POSTER to display in the hopes of helping him find his way home - Please send for one.