Tilly has a magnet controlled cat flap and let herself out during the night of 27-28/4. She had been going outside for about 10 weeks,exploring a little more each week. Never failed to come back in before.

She is described by neighbours as friendly and curious. the weather was particularly fine and warm on the day she disappeared and nothing unusual was going on in the vicinity.

Responses to flyers suggest she was seen on May 1 in a nearby garden, as well as during the first 'missing' day (28/4). Another report revealed a tortoiseshell killed by a car in my street - but a this was a couple of days before she disappeared.
Hard to confirm the date of the accident. Will try local council.

Tilly is my 8yr old daughter Ellen's cat and she is desperate to be reunited.

Has anyone seen Tilly? Any information whatsoever would be appreciated.

We also need everyone in the vicinity of Reads Avenue and surrounding area to Please Search Sheds & Garages in case she is trapped and to keep a look out for her.

For anyone willing to help in the search, we have a POSTER available for display.
Send for yours and help Ellen find her furbaby.