Flossie is deaf which is unusual for the orange eyed British white. Her disappearance is totally out of character as she never strayed from the garden area.

We believe she may have had a medical problem which prompted this sudden and upsetting behaviour one afternoon. Flossie seemed frightened when I walked into the lounge one day and she bolted into the garden. I did not think much of this at the time but it was not until 7pm that evening before we saw her again when she appeared very nervous if my husband or myself approached her. Although, the other animals we have, 4 dogs and another cat, did not seem to bother her at all.

This all started on the Tuesday before she went missing on the following Friday. The pattern of fleeing and then returning at approximately the same time each evening continued and despite our best efforts we were unable to contain her or coax her with food.
The next few
days were spent searching the fields all around us, the garages, out buildings, trees and anywhere else we could think of.

As we live on the borders of Gravesham (between Cuxton & Luddesdown) we placed adverts in both local newspapers and the Kent Messenger. We also placed cards in local shops in both directions. All local vets were informed as were local animal rescue and re-homing centres along with sites like yourselves on the internet.

Neighbours (although none are near) were also asked to look out for her). Charlie our other cat is missing her and keeps looking for her.

"Flossie has never been a cuddly cat, she likes a fuss at a distance.
She holds a special place in our hearts as we bred her & no longer have her mother with us.
We would be so relieved to know that she is safe and well. "
Flossie lives with her pal Charlie and humans in a rural area - which means that the search will have to cover a large area.  Could we please ask anyone and everyone in the area around Cuxton and the Warren Road area to Please keep a lookout for Flossie - check all outbuildings etc., in the hopes of finding her. Her humans are desperate for information however vague.  With her home being a boarding kennels - she could have hitched a lift to another area - did You notice an All White cat when you arrived home ?
Flossies humans have to cover the area with POSTERS - could you help by sending for one to display in a prominent position - Please do