Sam is very friendly to strangers and has a very good temperament i.e. he doesn't bite or scratch unless strongly provoked.

Lately he has been slightly out of sorts and has been having problems with his mouth in that his tongue is slightly protruding and he has excessive drool.
This has caused him to be unable to wash himself properly and so without our care and attention he will have an untidy appearance.

He usually doesn't go far from the house as he is getting old and cannot jump or run like he used to however he has not been home for a few days - and this is very unusual for him.

"We miss Sam very much and need to know what has happened to him even if the news is bad. If anyone has found him please take good care of him and let us know as soon as possible where he is"

Poor old Sam, now at 14years old it would be a shame if he couldn't find his way home.
He is missing in the area (Belvere Avenue SS) that MyMoggy's founder 'Tilly' went missing and everyone was so nice and understanding when it came to helping his human find him.
Now I know that you can all do it again
Please spread the word about Sam and keep a sharp lookout for him. Search your Garages and Sheds Thoroughly and Frequently and Please inform his owners of any sightings - however vague.
Send for Sam's POSTER, put it on gateposts, lampposts, car windows - anywhere it can be seen