Frisky is a small female tabby cat who is a much loved family pet.
She never wanders far from home and is usually back in within half an hour of going out.

One of the funny things she does is sit on the outside of the window ledge looking in at us then as soon as she is in she sits inside on the window looking out!

She is a friendly cat but is quite nervous and doesn't like being picked up by people she doesn't know.

She has a sister who is lost without her and is really missing her. We have had them both since they were kittens 3 years ago and the house seems really strange without frisky following us around.

My son has had a special box and blanket on top of his bed which she liked to sleep in at night - she preferred this to her own basket as she loved to be near him and was particularly affectionate with him.

She went missing on Monday 8th May when she was let out at 6.00 am. We have asked neighbours to check their garages and sheds, put posters up in the local area,taken out an advert in the weekly paper and phoned local vets, rescue centres and the council. We have walked around the local area searching. Frisky was wearing a black velvet collar with diamante stones and a cat shaped name tag. She is also micro-chipped.

"We all feel very upset and miss Frisky particularly my fourteen year old son as it was his cat.
Ths house seems empty and quiet without her even though her sister is still here. It is awful not knowing what has happened to her. Please help us with any information you can"

Frisky's POSTER is available to all who wish to help find her.
If you could display one in a prominent position it would be appreciated
Please Search your Outbuildings thoroughly and make friends and neighbours aware that Frisky is missing.