The top photo here shows Fudge as he is today, although a little young in the others, they do show his markings very well.

He is a great mouser and would invariably bring his humans back a present of a mouse or other small creature from one of his hunting trips.

On such occasions he would only stay away for a couple of hours or so and at other times would pop in and out of the cat flap to make the regular check on his humans who are at their wits end trying to cope with problems arising from their imminent removal to another home.

Fudge doesn't like bad weather, and it was thought that when the recent weather cleared up, he may have returned - this wasn't to be, there is still no sign of him.

Fudge's disappearance has come at an awful time for them, and they need everyone's help if they are to find him before they go.


Could everyone Please help, if you live in the vicinity of Croyde Road, St.Annes or in the surrounding area.
It has been suggested that Fudge's territory may extend from the Clifton Hospital to Queens Road.

Please would you all keep an eye open for Fudge. Would you also search your Garages and Sheds thoroughly and make all those without internet access aware that he is missing.

His humans would appreciate any information however vague

"We do so hope we get Fudge back, he's a great pet and we miss him so much"


Please send for Fudge's POSTER
either for reference or display

Let's find Fudge and get him back home.