Bubble the Black & White cat is pictured here with companion Pepper, a recent 'Moggy' cat found after being missing for 18 days

Bubble was 17 months old when he went missing, he would be just over 5 years old now. He was chipped, neutered and was wearing a green tartan collar. Last seen 4/9/02 , same area as Pepper. It's still branded in my brain.
At the time he went there seemed to be several other cats that went missing from the area at the same time. It may have been a coincidence, but I've convinced myself he was stolen as he looked so much like the 'Felix' cat. I keep thinking he'll 'surface' one day as he was chipped.
"If he was found well and happy I wouldn't dream of dragging him back, I just need to know he's OK"

The usual request for everyone to lookout for Bubble - if you know he is living nearby please let us know & if possible send us a photo
his former human would love to know that he is safe.
We have a POSTER of Bubble for reference or for display