We had only just moved in 2 days prior to spot going missing, he was in a room with the others but got scared when the door was open and ran.
I didn't see which way he went but looked everywhere calling him to no avail.

When he was born he had his cord round his neck & by the time I rushed to the
kitchen to get the scissors to cut it he had stopped breathing. I gave him mouth to mouth and got him to the vet, they said he wouldn't live long but he proved them all wrong. He was mentally not able to look after himself due to his birth but his mum Ebony did everything for him & told him when to eat ,drink, and go to the toilet and washed him afterwards.

He went everywhere with her, she is missing him so much and is going down hill fast as she doesnt no what to do. She is eating only small bites and is screaming all day and wandering around looking for him.

H e is a very very nervous cat and doesnt let anyone touch him except me he never goes further than the garden with his mum and so, as you can imagine I am out off my mind with worry.

We are appealing to Everyone in vicinity of Cobden Square and surrounding area of Bradford

Please Help Mum Cat Ebony find her son Spot
Search your Garages Sheds and Gardens Thoroughly
Spot won't respond to calling he has seizures and is on Medication for his Brain Damage.
Call his human with any information however vague.