Charlie is a very loving cat who will approach just for a hug. He loves to sleep under my arm until about 5am then he goes out. Loves to lie on his back during the day. He is quite playful and loves children.

[Charlie was missing previously from the 15th June - 4th July]

Unfortunately Charlie is missing again. We had a holiday booked the day
after he was found and were unable to cancel so we left him with neighbours.

He was there up until weekend and has gone again. We shall be out tonight though looking for him

"Please help us find Charlie, we miss him and the house feels very empty without him.
He is like a lost son to us as we are unable to have children ourselves. Thank You..."
Everyone in the vicinity of St.Heliers Road, and surrounding areas including the other side of Yeadon Way, Please look out for Charlie. Search your Sheds & Garages to make sure he isn't trapped. His humans would appreciate any information however vague.
Would YOU consider displaying his POSTER in any prominent position - Please send for one.
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou