Louis lives on a little estate that backs on to a steam railway line (that louis often walked along!) and hundreds of mice filled fields!

We never had Louis neutered as he'd always been a real home boy until this summer when he started to stay out for two or three nights a week!
We were going to lock him in and arrange 'the op' as soon as he came home at the beginning of June but unfortunately he has not been seen for three weeks now. I feel so guilty

Our other cat Podey is neutered and is
never further than the shed roof away and since his little brother dissapeared he won't leave me and my partner alone!!

Louis used to sleep on our Dog's bed with her aswell so she's a little lost too!!
Louis mum was a ferral cat so i am hoping it is just his feral gene has taken him off on a little adventure!

"I am desperate for Louis to be found, he's a real 'baby' to me!  If anyone see's him tell him to take his skinny self home coz i've got a big lump of cheese in the fridge waiting for him!!!"
If YOU live in Tenterden - Please send for Louis' POSTER either for display or reference.
His human is desperate for information, however vague
Search & Monitor Sheds and Garages - he could be sheltering in YOURS

Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou