Shadow went missing on Sunday evening 2nd July.2006.
He was last seen by his human at breakfast time, after which she was away until the following morning.

Neighbours have reported seeing what they thought was Shadow in their gardens on the Sunday afternoon, but hasn't been seen since then and his food hadn't been touched.

Shadow is a cat that is not easily frightened, he would confront a dog if necessary - he often visited neighbouring houses and would have to be pushed out protesting when time to leave

There was no reason for him to wander off. His territory stretched as far as the cul de sac at end of the road he'd never been known to cross over the main road.

Shadow's main distinguishing feature is his Ragged ear which is prominent. He has to have an occasional asthma jab plus tablets every night for the beginnings of arthritis in his back legs and is quite skinny, having lost weight with age.

He can be feisty, likes to be accompanied when eating - likes you to do what he says and will jump at you if you don't comply - all claws drawn.

It was terribly hot the day Shadow went awol.
We'd agree with his humans in thinking that he has probably been trapped somewhere while looking for a little cool shade.

Could everyone in the Faringdon avenue area Please Search Garages and Sheds in case.
His humans are desperate for any information as to his whereabouts.
We have a POSTER if you would like to display one to help Shadow find his way home.

Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou