is a very friendly cat, wary of strangers, fondly known as 'Podge' for his stocky build and has a cute round face.

Always keeps nearby, meeting us in the morning and greeting us on our return home.
He is a fussy eater prefers 'Iams' dried food as opposed to chicken and meat.
Likes to lie on his back and frequently sits up in an arm chair as though he is a human!

The weather was extremely hot the day we last saw him.
We have two other cats who are also missing Ollie.

"It is out of character for Ollie to disappear very far. We are extremely worried and upset to lose him.
He is an adorable and lovable cat.
We miss him dreadfully!

Could all residents of the Cherry Close area of Kirkham,  
Please Search your Garages & Sheds in the hopes of finding Podge.
Also those at Ribby Hall, adjacent to the area he lives in. Please keep a look out for him - he may have crossed Blackpool road, attracted by the sounds of resident geese & ducks.
We have his POSTER available to all who wish to help find him.

Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou