Bella is a very nosey girl, she loves to explore but likes to keep an eye on where she is. She is quite a shy girl and wouldn't approach strangers. She 'talks' alot and lets you know what she wants.
She gets an upset tummy very easily although this dosn't stop her eating flies and moths.

She lives with Jessie Cat who is missing her very much. She usually goes out when we are home and the back door is always open for her, which keeps her happy. She acts tough but shes a little softy really.

Shes not very big and has never stayed out at night - until now. She went out for a sniff round on saturday night at 10.30ish pm. She was last seen in the alley between Orme and Jameson Street in the Revoe area of Blackpool. She isn't very street wise and soon gets scared, she is nervous of strangers and cars and runs into the house at any noises ie, dogs barking or bin lorries. She is more of an indoor cat than an outdoor one.


"Please let our Bella come home, Jessie is worried sick and cant sleep at night without her Bella.
My 11year daughter is missing her enormously and can't stop crying (nor can I).
Please come home Bella :( "

Calling all Moggy Fans in the vicinity of Orme Street and surrounding areas.
Please Search Sheds & Garages ASAP
Keep a lookout for Bella and contact us with any information, however vague

Send for Bella's POSTER and display it in a prominent position - Let's help Bella find her way home.

Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou