Smokey was last seen on friday 2nd june @ 3pm, he is very much a homely cat and never seems to wander far. We had another cat which smokey has grown up with from a kitten and a dog also which he has grown up with.
Unfortunately our dog died on the 20th march aged 18 years and the cats became a little bit distant, they then became house cats and seemed to be around all the time. We rehomed a dog from the RSPCA on the 9th may and
the cats seemed to keep their distance and only came in the house upstairs so as not to come in contact with the dog. On the Friday smudge our other cat seemed a bit off but nothing we thought of much concern. On the Saturday afternoon Smudge was taken and kept in by the vets extremely poorly and on the sunday had to be put to sleep. Smokey had been missing for 2 days by this time.
We would just like to know what has happened to our cat. Our 3 children have lost their dog 2 months previous from ill health and old age and had their other 12 year old cat die the weekend smokey went missing.
"He is a old cat but seemed so full of life and we hoped his last months, years whatever he would be with us. It's the not knowing that we find hard to deal with. He is greatly missed by us all."
Smokey has certainly had trauma's in his life lately, maybe unable to cope he wandered off to find a quite place in which to wait while the feelings passed. He now needs to find his way back home and so if You live in the vcinity of Arundel close in Lordswood, Chatham would you please search your Garages & Sheds in case he is trapped.
Keep a good look out for him and send for his POSTER for Reference or Display
Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou