Rodney lives on a housing estate with neighbouring farm fields. He is very nosy and frequently visits neighbours houses. He has also been known to jump into vehicles so could be anywhere.

Nothing unusual was going on at the time of his disappearance other than it was during the very hot spell of weather.

We have delivered leaflets to all the surrounding streets asking people to check sheds and garages and have advertised in local papers, shops and asked local radio to broadcast a request for people to look out for him. We have contacted local vets, RSPCA, Petsearch and Council.

He is a very good hunter and also likes to climb trees to chase birds. He is wearing a red collar which carries a blue disc indicating that he is microchipped and two bells.

"We would like any information regarding Rodney even if its bad news as we can't bear the thought that we don't know what's happened to our "little man"."
Rodneys humans are desperate for news of him however vague.
Please keep an eye open for him.
If you live in or around Hayle Close in Nuneaton, Search your Sheds and Garages in case he is trapped and send for his POSTER display it wherever possible

Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou