We believe she is being fed/cared for by a neighbour because we’ve always fed her healthy cat food and cut it down, but she’s put a lot of weight on in last year and is over weight. Unfortunately the most recent photo i have was when she was slimmer taken last summer.
She doesn’t wear a collar anymore because she kept loosing them and is micro-chipped by Pet-Log.

She loves sunbathing so much her black hair on top has turned a golden brown colour. She is friendly and likes being scratched behind her ears, but hates her belly being touched and will "go for you" due to previous owners mis-treating her.
We recently got a new kitten and I thought our cat was ok about it but obviously not. We let her sleep on our bed at night when we got the new kitten and showed her lots of love. She had her own room to come and go as she pleases during the day and the kitten does not go in there but this could be the reason she left.

She does wander off for the day but never to far and always returns when we call her, she likes to meow when she first sees you or your first stroke but only constantly meows when something is wrong or she wants food, she also has the loudest purr in the world!!!

We fed her Iams dry biscuits as she doesn't like meat and will only eat the jelly it comes in. She had a jab for the cat flue about 4 weeks ago but was as good as gold she was also wormed by the vet and we frontlined her the week before. We don't believe she's gone to far cause she is over weight and quite a lazy cat who loves her home and comforts. As the weather is hot she is probably sun bathing somewhere, and we're hoping she'll return when it rains - she hates the rain.

"She was abandoned by the homeowners before us two and half years ago they weren’t very nice to her and she was under weight when we moved in, luckily we tamed her and she was very happy she loved us and loved our home just as much as we love her. I know her inside out and she always knows when i needed comforting, So I’m trying to stay positive, hoping and praying she will return.
We're devastated without her - I haven't stopped crying!

All residents in or around the Rowan Road area of Swanley Please take note - Lucy is missing in Your area and we'd appreciate everyone Searching their Sheds and Garages. She may have given up on her sunbathing when it got a little to hot to find a shady cool place in a garage or shed, subsequently getting trapped. She needs YOUR help, please have a look and keep a general lookout. Send for her POSTER for reference or Display

Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou