Bolly is a mummy's boy. He followed me everywhere I walked. Used to have to bring him back home and lock him in if I was walking into the village! Used to walk 'round to my mum with me every weekend. Every night he'd curl up on a cushion on my lap for a stroke. Slept on our bed everynight - usually at the side of me.

Went out as normal - about 6.30am on the 27/6. He'd normally put in an appearance about 7.00am when I left for work, but he wasn't around that morning. Then he'd normally be waiting out the front for me when I got home from work. He'd normally come in a couple of times during the day for food/a sleep. Then he'd come in about 9.00 ish for the night.

He had a growth in his throat towards the end of last year, which resulted in a trachaeotomy and two weeks spent in the Queen Mother Animal Hospital at Potters Bar, where we visited him every night. They couldn't find a reason why the lump had come up, but it did go down and Bol was put on a course of steriods, which seemed to do the trick.

The fur around his throat has grown back a different texture to the rest. Last time we saw him one of his whiskers (which was white) had come through a bit curley!

His brother Bud is missing him dreadfully and moping around. They were in the same litter and I have had them since 10 weeks old. Usually wash each other, etc, and they do have regular scraps together.

"We're all missing him so much and really want him home again."

Would everyone in the Lawrence Avenue area of Stanstead Abbotts, please search Garages & Sheds in case Bolly is trapped. We should soon have a POSTER for anyone wishing to help find him.

Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou