Tupney has always been a much loved house cat and has lived with us happily for ten years. This time last year he lost his brother Tim who we had for 12 years. Since then we have adopted 3 new cats who are now
about a year old called Jhonny, Marley and Shineal who Tupney adapted to really well.
Shineal had a further 3 kittens 2 months ago which tupney didnt like.

Around two months ago he also was fighting alot with a cat across the road so he had to go to the vet and have several injections, which made him even less happy.
I think due to the kittens he started to sleep outside alot but always came home for meals. He started to lose weight and meow alot and was starting to look a bit tatty. Tupney is not vicous at all but is recently

Before we had noticed Tupney missing we rehomed the kittens in hope that he would start sleeping at home again.

"I have had many cats but have never met one as loving as Tupney, I am missing him so much as I have had him for ten years and it doesn't feel the same at home without him. I am really grateful for any help I can get.

I am sure our St.Annes viewers now know the score - to keep a good look out for Tupney and to Search your Sheds and Garages in case he is trapped and needs help. Any information please to his humans, they are desperate for news.
And - to send for his POSTER to display in any prominent position

Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou