The house where Sammy was lost is my parents - detached houses backing onto fields and a small wood and a school. Building site next door but one - front of house has a road and then fields for miles.
She is really timid - she was 16 weeks old when I got her from the RSPCA, so is very nervous of humans. Although, she is very affectionate with me. Also, very cheeky for a timid cat - used to go in
all the heighbours cat flaps at our old house and steal food - once pulled out a full roast beef and ate it on the path. My neighbour was not too pleased!!

Delilah, her sister has been really clingy - has slept on my bed every night since Sammy went (never used to do this). Sammy (was Samson - RSPCA told us she was male, until the vet took her in to neuter and got a shock!) and Delilah have moved house 4 times with me in 6 years and Sammy has never had an issue with this.

When she went missing my parents were looking after them (they have stayed with my parents many times with no problems). I was on holiday and did not find out until I returned and she had already been missing for 10 days at this point. For the first 7 weeks of her missing the weather was really hot and in the last 4 weeks it has started to rain a lot more. I have put posters up everywhere, advertised
non stop in the local press, out lots of nights very late until 1.00am in area and fields and woods. Had a sighting on the building site (not sure if it was her) so got a trap from RSPCA - caught several cats, but never Sammy.

We have now moved house again so I have left photo's and my details at last address and with neighbours. Also, been to all houses lived in and left details and photo's. Sammy is a very vocal cat and would miaow outside if she wanted to come in. Really worried that she will be hungry and have no-one to cuddle her.

"Please help us find Sammy - she has a sister and 2 parents who miss her desperately. She could have travelled miles by now - she has lived in Hudds, Sheffield and Wakefield, so could be making her way to any of these areas."

All those of you who live in the vicinity of Newsome Road & the surrounding areas, Please keep a lookout for Sammy. Search your Garages, Sheds and outbuildings in case she is trapped or sheltering there. Any information however vague would be appreciated.
We do have a POSTER for display or reference - Please send for yours.

Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou
If you have contacts in this area and can forward a poster  Please let us know