Jess lives in a built up area with terraced houses, all with back yards backing on to alleyways, some houses have outhouses.

Jess is quite a timid girl, about three months ago her bst friend Bella went walkabout from the same address.
Jess has missed Bella, but she has been very brave, she is quite nosey and loves snuggles but doesn't really take to strangers, especially strangers in the street. If anyone tries to pick her up she will scratch and hiss at them.

She is very territorial and sees off any cats that come onto her property, she has trouble with her claws, they grow very thickly and neet trimming regularly.

Jess doesn't really like the rain and will try and find shelter. She loves cuddling up on knees.

We are moving house on Friday and so the house is very cluttered at the moment although that doesn't seem to have bothered little nosey Jess too much.

She had her booster jab on Thursday and apart from hissin gate the vet when he trimmed her claws, she was ok. She is a very good natured and lovable cat, very clean and is always grooming, although she does tend to dribble a lot.



"If anyone knows where our Jess (and Bella) are, Please let us know as it is definately not the same without them. They are very much loved and part of our family."

Everyone in the area of Orme Street -
Please search your outbuildings as Jess could well be trapped and in need of YOUR help.
Any information would be appreciated however vague.

If you see her please contact her owners - do your best to entice her in your house but don't chase her or try to grab her. Jess is timid and will just become more frightened and bolt.

We have POSTER , please send for one and display it on the nearest lamp post.

Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou
If you have contacts in this area and can forward a poster to them Please let us know