Maddie is a wonderful pet, she is full of fun and energy so much
character.Her animal companions at home include Tilly another cat whom she played with providing much entertainment,2 golden retrievers who let her sleep in their beds and she would even lick and nuzzle up to them.She was admired by every one who met her,first for her appearance(very pretty) then for her personality.

Maddie was playing in the garden with us and the other pets whilst we
gardened.We called the animals in for the evening feed ,but Maddie did not
appear.We did not become concerned at this point because she has stayed
out at night once before.The following day I then got worried because she
had never not returned in the morning.I searched the local vacinity and
spoke with all persons I could think may have seen her.

"I have felt a very deep sadness at losing Maddie. Every day I think of her especially when I am out walking the dogs, because she came with us a certain distance then sat waitng for our return and she would wail as we approached,then jump out to great us,mainly the dogs. She brought so much joy to my family and pets. I can only pray for her return"

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