Snap is a very timid, nervous and independant cat. He doesn't like cuddles very much and very rarely sits on knees. He prefers to cuddle up beside me and will only let me hold for about half a minute. He is definitely my cat and doesn't take to other people being around, in fact he tends to scarper as fast as he can.

He is in good health, being quite lean and seems to be slightly smaller than the other tom cats in the area, but he is a tough little cookie and prepared to fight for his territory, quite often ending up the worse off. He has often had bites to on his head.

I last saw him sauntering down my street as I was driving to work, going of for another night of tom cat antics, possibly to bring a mice or two back home to show off his prowess as a hunter and provider. He has a sister, Jazz, as well as me to look after. She is beginning to realise that he is missing, moping and feeling sorry sometimes, and asleep the rest of the time.

He is quite capable of looking after himself, I know that, but he just seems to need that little bit comfort and assurance that he is not totally alone, and that I am there for him. Qutie often he is there when I get back home from work or an outing, greeting me and chatting to me.

Although I know he is able to look after himself I worry that he is frightened without the reassurance of my being there for him, especially with the weather being as fierce as it has been over this past couple of weeks. And his timidness and independence might make him shy of help from strangers, although he will not go for anyone, he just runs away.

He is very bright and alert, quick and nimble, with eyes which can hold an inquistive look or a look of disdain if he thinks you are being a bit silly with him. A bit of loner, he tends to sleep during the day and go out for the night, and although he is a tough little cookie, there is a soft side underneath which surfaces occassionally.


"Snap has seen me through quite few troubled times of my life and he and his sister have been my guardian angels. I miss him and hope that he comes back home soon."

Would everyone in the Squires Gate Lane and surrounding areas, Please keep an eye open for Snap. Search your Sheds and Garages, he may be trapped or sheltering. Please also send for his POSTER , display it on your nearest lampost and help him find his way home.

Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou
If you have contacts in this area and can forward a poster to them Please let us know