Bingo is an overly friendly, demanding 7 month old kitten.
She has shown her character since she was 6 weeks old, when she decided that if she was up in the middle of the night, then we should be too, and would prise our eyelids open with her claws!!!
She is quite wary of going into houses she does not know.
She will quite easily climb trees.
She gets on like a house on fire with our very large dog, who mothers her, washes her etc and they curl up and sleep together. He is missing her terribly, and paces around the house checking out her usual haunts.
It was raining quite hard on the day she went missing, and she hates the rain and particularly getting her feet wet in puddles, so we had hoped she was just sheltering somewhere. But she didn't come home.
She isn't too fond of other cats, especially if they are smaller than her.
But she will go up to most dogs, regardless of their size, and has a tendency to think they should playfight with her.
She purrs all the time, and can eat, meow and purr all at the same time (which i thought would be impossible!) She growls very loudly at some cats, and almost barks like a dog!
She has ticklish pads on her feet!
She doesn't like cat treats, and sometimes only licks the jelly from her food.
She loves to chase after those red laser light pens you get, and will even walk up a wall chasing after lights!
She has no fear of anything really.
She can be a little *** at times, but she is so cute it is difficult to tell her off!
When she runs, her fur kind of bounces with her. You have to see it to know really what i mean.
She has a naivity about her that is so endearing, but is probably what has gotten her into trouble. You can tell as she trots about that she thinks the world is wonderful and she really doesn't think anything can hurt her.

"Please, wherever you are, do not rule out that the cat you saw down the road could be her. She could be anywhere if she has gotten into a car or van.
We miss her so much.
She is such a character.

Our home is nothing without her.
She must be so scared.
Please please help her and us, we love her so much."

Would all those living around the area of  Croft Marsh Lane Please keep a lookout for Bingo.
Check trees and any possible hidey holes when your are out walking.
Everyone can help by sending for a ready to print poster, put one on a tree as you are passing.
Help by spreading the word that Bingo is missing.
Any information however vague would be appreciated.
Let's get Bingo home where she belongs !

We can send a ready to print POSTER to anyone willing to display one.
Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou
If you have contacts in this area and can forward a poster to them Please let us know