So many people remember the whole thing...
It all started when we (Worthing Cat Welfare) were called in by the RSPCA to rescue a litter of kittens from the house of an elderly women who was being taken into care. She was senile and her husband was upstairs in bed.... dead! He had been dead for over 1 month. The house was full of animals and according to the welfare officer, the place was disgusting.
We rescued the mother and kittens - 3 long-haired white, one long-haired black and one short-haired black. They were brought back to the cattery at our boss's house.
She was going away for a couple of days so I moved in to look after the cattery. I immediately fell in love with the fluffy black/brown kitten whom I called Bovril. She was so similar to Marmite (one of my elderly cats who is now 17 years old). 

This was Bovril in the cattery..

I then sent an email to my brother telling him I was going to get another puss cat but there was also another I really liked (one of Bovril's brothers).....

To cut the story short I took them both!
They were extremely happy cats and very affectionate. Bovril would sit on my lap whilst I was working and only go out when she needed to.
They had all the things done including micro-chips when they were neutered and all was great.

Then on Friday 13th Feb 2004 Bovril went out for the neccessaries and when she didn't come back I went out and clapped my hands (as she always appeared as soon as I did this) but she never returned.
I walked the streets all night and the next day the welfare colleagues all came round and went searching. For 4 months I cried and searched for her. I couldn't work and lost loads of work (self employed).
I spent every Saturday in town handing out leaflets. Showered every tree and post with photos. It was a complete nightmare. I even went around my street accusing people of knocking her over and then burying her without telling me. I think everyone thought I had lost the plot. Only later the WCWT boss told me I had had a breakdown. 

The other three kittens had been re-homed. One long-haired white went to a WCWT colleague and sadly he died. The vet could not tell her what was wrong. She had spent over £2000 in vet bills but he still didn't make it.
The other two, one long-haired white and the short-haired black were re-homed to an elderly couple in Rustington to what we thought were really loving people. I think they loved the kittens, but once they grew up they lost interest. They said they were thinking of moving to Spain and would we take them back.
I immediately went over and collected them and never took them back to the cattery, they moved in with me.
I cheered up a bit as now I had 3 of her brothers, Bacardi, Bailey and Bacchus.
Just on the slight possibility someone might see your site I would be very grateful if you would add her.
I have only just found your site! I spent 4 months searching for her and I still go up to any cats who resemble what she may look like now.
I have her 3 brothers but still miss her so much.
She was the most affectionate cat I have ever known. - Sue

We can send a ready to print POSTER to anyone willing to display one.
Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou
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