We live in a relatively busy area of houses, we are in a mid terrace house near a field, the other side is a main road which is obviously a concern that he could have been hit and unable to get home.

7 years ago i moved into my first home on my own. A lovely little flat. I was always a dog person growing up but i couldn't have a dog there and i wanted company. I popped to cats protection and choose my new flat mate. A beautiful tortie girl. I loved her dearly until 6 months later, 5am and there was a knock at the door, i opened the door to be faced with my beautiful girl bleeding and dead on my door step. Someone had hit her knocked and gone.

I was so so so distraught, to this day i have pictures of my baby girl here everywhere. My mum went out of her way to get me another cat i could cherish and love and help fight the pain of my loss away with. A nice lady was fed up with her cat and told me i could have her since as i loved cats. Mum went to get her that same day to be told the lady changed her mind. Thats fine, i don't blame her, it can be heartbreaking.

Mum knowing i was beside myself continued to chat to the lady who mentioned someone 6 doors down had two male kittens now about 16 weeks old dumped on her door step, one she couldn't stand and wanted it rehomed!!

Well i wanted a little tortie girl, I got a tabby kitten with rather large ermmm well you get the picture! Mum opened the box and i didn't want to feel overwhelming love for a boy kitten! I don't know why., I suppose i wanted my little girl.

5 minutes later to my horror i was being used as a cat scratch post!!!!!!!! Up my jeans, sat on my head, up the curtains you name it he did it. 1 hour later when i was busy sobbing my heart out i could hear 'chirping meows' they sounded as though this kitten was up to something.

Well Charlie as he was already called was trying to impress me by pretending to be an andrex puppy with my loo roll!!!!!! It was everywhere!! He looked at me as if to say 'what you looking at me for, it was like this when i got here' !!!! HAAAAAAAA

My boy, he couldn't help but light the dark days with light. Over the next few years i got him two companions, Lulu and Elly. They all got on great, a right little family.

Then 4 years ago, he didn't come home. I was so beside myself. 2 weeks later there he was!! Looking wild like he had forgotten what humans were!!
He hid a bit then turned into him self again thank goodness! 6 months later this time I ran out of luck, he had gone again. This time 4 weeks and I was in pieces. The very night i accepted he must be gone I got another male kitten to bring the light back to my wonderful little family.
What a little horror i had rescued that night!! 6 weeks old abandoned and at cats protection for rehoming his eyes were shut with nasty infections.
There he was, my other beautiful boy Bouncer, he's now 4.

Well anyhow, i was feeding them 2 nights later, turned round and uh ohhhhhhhhhh hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssss     Oh lord he was home!!!!!!!! My dear sweet angel, chasing Bouncer all round the house lol. Thank god, i prayed for him to come back to me.

About a year later similar sort of year once again charlie went awol. It never seemed he was being fed elsewhere he was always so wild when he returned and scraggy like he had been locked somewhere for a long time. 30 days later, thank god i kept the hope alive, he came through the cat flap.
Sadly this time things weren't so simple. He had been badly hit by a car.
I was beside myself, I sorted his treatment out through my insurance and paid the rest of the 3 thousand pounds i had to pay to get him sorted. It wasn't as simple as it seemed, his pelvis healed over his bowel and we had many life or death fights along the way. Eventually i had to make or break, we either had a potentially life saving op done or we put him down to end any misery from so many problems with his tummy not helped by his love of rabbits for dinner.

I took him in to have half his pelvis removed, if it paralysed him that was it, they would put him down straight after. I prayed, on my knees so much for him to get better. I was told we wouldn't know the damage for two weeks as he wouldn't be able to walk.

I rang after the op and i was told 'Yes dear, he's just walked by me'!! Me being me said for goodness sake put me onto someone who knows what they are talking about!! Oh how bad did i feel when i was told she was right!!!!! Following that charlie was known by myself and family and the vet as the miracle cat. He healed to live a a wonderful few years with us all here. Bouncer, his little brother well gosh they are so so loving towards each other. One is lost without the other.

After a quiet few years here i am today. It's happened, i woke up on a saturday nearly 7 weeks ago to realise he wasn't here and that's unusual.
When he hunts charlie will usually arrive between 11pm and 1am, don't know why but almost always he would come home at that time. Each night strong with hope on the hour every hour the cats and I patrol everywhere. Fields etc. All the dog walkers have been wonderful in my desperation they are all looking!! God bless their kind hearts.

Everynight i felt so glad the darkness had come, especially 11pm, it's 'Charlie' time! Time to search properly and feel hope was higher at that time. Once 1am comes and goes my heart starts to feel heavy again. I head the catflap go, i sit baited breath, it's totally silent. I wait for that wonderful chirp ,my boy makes to say mummy here I am!! Nothing. 3 of my 4 cats wear collars with bells so once the other two are here by me i know if there is a noise it must be him!!

Every night i have learnt so much about the life and tails of a hedgehog!
Who knew they ran so much and so fast!! And that they are blooming everywhere, i must have chased a 1000 hedgehogs eyes into the bushes by now!!

I still go out an hour at a time before dark, during dark and before i go to sleep about 3 am ish. If i don't try i will never ever ever forgive myself if something has happened to him and hes calling me desperately.
Until i have evidence he has left me from this world i will continue with all i have to find my precious boy.

No i am not mad, but i love my boy fiercely, sadly hope is very much dropping by the moment now, i think of the way he sleeps round my head at night, i think of the gentle ways he has. The love for his family and especially Bounce.

I found myself walking the field again today and out loud I couldn't help it i said  'If i had known that was the last time i would set my eyes on you i never would have let that moment go'.

I cannot stop the tears, my dear precious boy, you saved me in my darkest hours. Let me save you from yours, I love you son'

"Please anyone out there who might just be able to help, please help me in my darkest hours."
Would everyone living and working in the vicinity and surrounding areas of
Downland Way
Please keep a lookout for Charlie

Search and Monitor all Sheds, Garages, Outbuildings in the hopes of finding him
Any information would be appreciated.

We can send a ready to print
to anyone willing to display one.

Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou
If you have contacts in this area and can forward a poster to them Please let us know