Charlie and his brother Milo went out at 5.30am as my husband came in from work on Thursday 19th September 2008. Milo was at the patio door at 8am waiting to come in for breakfast, Charlie was not. This was not unsual as Charlie is more adventurous. There are 5 new houses being built up the road and he was known to go and have a nose at what was going on. He also liked to hunt mice in the fields. He was usually home by lunch time but on this day he did not return. It was a nice sunny day.

We have put posters up all over the village looking for him, checked every road in and out of the village to make sure he has not been run over and also spoken to the local farmers to see if they have seen him. No one has.

"Please look out for Charlie
He is a loving young cat who is greatly missed by his brother and all of our family. Charlie and his brother, Milo, have never been apart before and Milo is a lost soul without him..
Would everyone living and working in the vicinity and surrounding areas of
Foxholes Close
Please keep a lookout for Charlie

Search and Monitor all Sheds, Garages, Outbuildings in the hopes of finding him
Any information would be appreciated.

We can send a ready to print
to anyone willing to display one.

Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou
If you have contacts in this area and can forward (via email) a poster to them Please let us know