Willow lives in an area of terraced victorian houses, immediate areas built up, but only 2 mins to open fields.

She is big for her age - one year - adventurous, nosey, very smart (works out how to open things at first go). She is very loving and very vocal - makes all the chirruping noises that you'd expect from a Bengal.

Although she's very loving, she can be initially nervous of strangers until she's sniffed you out!

She has a sister here, Bella, and in the last week or so Willow has been getting very moody with her, but ok on the morning of the day she disappeared.

Willow did not eat breakfast that morning, and has not come back since, so the last meal she had was Thursday 19 March.

"We are missing Willow terribly, it's just not the same without
her, and her sister, Bella, is pining for her too. Please help us find her. Thanks!
Lucy & James.


Would everyone living and working in the vicinity and surrounding areas of
Edith Road
Please keep a lookout for Willow

Search and Monitor all Sheds, Garages, Outbuildings in the hopes of finding her
Any information would be appreciated.

Please send for a ready to print
for display in any prominent position.
Help Willow find his way home


Spread the Word !

Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou

If you have contacts in this area and can forward (via email) a poster to them Please let us know