Billy and his brother Harry have been with us for over four years. Billy is quite a nervous cat but can be very friendly when he gets used to you. He is a very large cat and is made to look larger by his very fluffy tabby and white coat.

He has wandered off before and turned up after a couple of days but he has never been gone so long before. He is healthy and looks well. I have scoured the area calling his name and a neighbour has rung around several places he may have been taken to. He doesn't have a collar, he just hated it, but he is chipped. He is very nosy so could possibly be in a shed / garage. He likes other cats and children and loves being loved. Harry and my two girls are missing him very much, as are my husband and I

Billy lives with my family and his brother Harry. He is a gorgeous, large, long haired tabby cat. He is well recognised in the area for his looks and gorgeous personality. He is very much missed at home and we are desperate for his return

Would everyone living and working
in the vicinity and surrounding areas of
Lindale Gardens
Please keep a lookout for Billy

Search and Monitor all Sheds, Garages, Outbuildings
in the hopes of finding him
Any information would be appreciated.

Please send for a ready to print
for display in any prominent position.
Help Merlin find his way home

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Please make those without internet access aware that they are missing in your area - Thankyou