He is a much loved rescue cat found living on Stanley Park last year. He is very confident and has a sociable outlook. Likes playing catch and football. Favourite game is sitting at the top of the stairs and catching balls. He runs everywhere - tries to get there before you - and likes to announce his entrance into a room - he is very vocal. He tends to over groom his hind legs when nervous and will leave bare patches. Sleeps with me and follows me everywhere

His friend, Eric (foster brother) is missing him too. He keeps going to the door to look for him and is very unsettled. Last seen on Vicarage lane, Blackpool Friday, 14th November 2014. Usually does not go far.

am hoping someone has found him and is keeping him warm and safe - he loves his cheeks and ears rubbed. Please check your cars, sheds and gardens. I am distraught and miss him so much. Please get in touch with any information

Would everyone living and working
in the vicinity and surrounding areas of
Vicarage Lane
Please keep a lookout for Stanley

Search and Monitor all Sheds, Garages, Outbuildings
in the hopes of finding him
Any information would be appreciated.


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Please make those without internet access aware that they are missing in your area - Thankyou